Content Marketing Strategy – A Guide

With the new releases of panda 4.1 and penguin 3.0 right around the corner one thing is certain. Having a good content marketing strategy is now more important than ever. Google is starting to rank mainly sites that have high amounts of relevant content, and small sites are getting left in the dust. It’s becoming apparent that if you want to rank in Google you need content, and a lot of it.

Good content marketing will get you immediate traffic, it will allow you to go viral and will drive targeted visitors to your website. It will also gain links over time and start to rank for various keywords. This means that a good content strategy could drive continuous sales to your website over a long period of time. Continue reading Content Marketing Strategy – A Guide

How To Go Viral On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a huge opportunity for any business that is in the B2B market. It is a great gathering point for people who are decision makers when it comes to selling items to other businesses. The conversion rates can be amazing when it comes to these kind of markets, I have received rates as high as 1 conversion per 20 visitors. This is pretty amazing especially when you consider how much traffic LinkedIn can drive. Continue reading How To Go Viral On LinkedIn