About AdFed

AdFed was established in 1989 by a close-knit group of local advertising professionals dedicated to the industry and to the health of the region’s business community.  The original purpose was to showcase the best creative being produced in the area. This was done through the establishment of “The W3  Awards”, an annual creative competition. Through the years the mission and strategies have evolved as the community itself has grown.

Today, AdFed’s membership represents a broad spectrum of specialties including advertising agency personnel, creative specialists (such as copywriters, graphic designers, illustrators, audio and video producers, web designers and talent), local media, public relations professionals, market researchers, educators, and students. And to top it off we enjoy the involvement of many clients – including a range from CMOs, marketing directors and media buyers to public affairs specialists.

AdFed works to keep its members informed of the latest trends in advertising, marketing, and government issues. We do this and more, through lunch programs (AdBites), networking events (Mixers), our newsletter, community service projects and annual events such as the W3 Awards, Web, Creative and Marketing conference, and a nonprofit conference. Put simply, we try to have fun with all our activities. And despite our market size, we are successful in attracting top national experts to lead workshops, discussions, lectures, and demonstrations. Our vacation-destination community helps make travel here all the more attractive to these out-of-area guests.

We’ve also had the honor of being voted Club of the Year for District XI for two years in a row! A huge accomplishment to be recognized by our peers as being the leader in our field. We were also honored with a third-place finish in the National Club Achievement competition in the programs category. We are grouped among all clubs with 100 to 249 members. Quite the kudos since we are 155 members strong.