The Social Media Hashtag Chats To Follow

Hashtags are a new way to further define your target audience and a way to help your audience define you. Hashtag chats are discussions between a group of Twitter users that interact through the use of a single hashtag. These chats are open to the public and are one of the few places in the world where you can just jump into a conversation among business leaders and professionals.

To participate in a hashtag chat, either log in to Twitter and search for the hashtag chat of your choice.

Here are the top  social media hashtag chats you must follow:

#SocialChat   (Monday 9:00 pm ET) All things related to Social Media are discussed with a featured guest. This is a great way to start off the week.

#InfluenceChat   (Tuesday 12:00 pm ET) This chat discusses the role of Influence in the broader business and online social marketing sector. A variety of topics including analysts, marketing, B2B, B2C, customer influence, etc. are covered.

#SocialMedia   (Tuesday 12:00 pm ET) Social Media Chats encourages members to share their ideas about how to advance social media best practices in business. All of the chats are archived and easily searchable by a new and sequential hashtag found at the host site.

#GetRealChat   (Tuesday 9:00 pm ET) Get Real Chat focuses on the reality of social relationships including the issues, privacy, tips, and strategies for what to do and not do in social media. This chat tends to attract fortune 500 companies.

#SMManners   (Tuesday 10:00 pm ET) This is another great chat covering social media best practices, social good, and the latest trends in social media.

#SMChat   (Wednesday 1:00 pm ET) The SMChat explores the possibilities of social media. This is sometimes technical, but it covers a wide variety of social media topics that help individuals and businesses.

#CmgrChat   (Wednesday 2:00 pm ET) This chat began in September 2010 and is a great place to discuss social media tips, advice, common themes, and projects in all industries.

#B2BChat   (Thursday 8:00 pm ET) Business to Business Chat discusses how social media can best be used in the B2B sector. You will find very informative and helpful posts shared by the members of this chat.

For more Twitter chat postings, refer to this resourceful schedule. What hashtag chats do you find helpful? Please add to our list below!

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