How To Master Social Media Customer Service

Everything is digital.

We order our food online. We share our current location with the world on our mobile device. Now, customer service is practiced almost solely via social media.

So how can you perfect your business’ customer service using social media? Here are five simple things to consider.

  • Create recognizable usernames. Be sure that your Twitter handles and Facebook page is your business name or at the very least a name that is easy to recognize.
  • Monitor everything. Setup notifications on every social media site that may host discussions about your brand. You must be available 24/7.
  • Respond immediately. The sooner you respond – the better. Do not let too much time pass before acknowledging your customer.
  • Respond with empathy. It is possible to use an empathetic tone in 140 characters or less!
  • Defend your brand. Be honest, but stay true to your brand’s identity. 

Always remember that you are the voice that is representing your brand!

Do you have any positive or negative experiences with social media customer service? Please share them with us below!

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