4 Common Design Elements Of The Best Websites

We spend a huge amount of time here at AdFedCo looking and evaluating web pages.  While a well-designed website pops up from time to time, there is plenty that is, well, they are just plain ugly.  Here are a few tips for designing your best bet web page.

1. What is your purpose?

Are you an information website or are you trying to sell a product or service?  Most businesses are trying to do both, and that can be a fine line to walk.  Since you have 10 seconds to keep a visitor you need to make the site’s purpose clear, concise, and clutter-free.

2. Design your site to look professional.

You don’t need to be a webmaster to put together one of the best websites in your market.  One of the hardest things to remember is that less is best.  A lot of companies try to give you all of the information on the home page.  Keep it simple, state what you are upfront.

3. Keep your fonts and colors to a minimum.

Have you ever been to a site that looks like a kaleidoscope?   It can make you dizzy, and having someone get sick while looking at your website is never a good thing.  Keep your company website consistent and simple.  Keep coloring and fonts consistent and try to remember that black on white lettering is often the cleanest way to go.

4. Have a call to action button

This is the one that most websites look.  Are you selling a product or service?  Make it easy to buy those immediately.  By using a call to action button you can save a visitor the headache of digging through web pages to try your product.  The call to action button should be “above the fold”

When it comes to designing a clean company website keep these four elements in mind.  It will certainly aid you in becoming a successful website.

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