The Power of Brevity in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful tool. It provides a low-cost way for businesses to reach large numbers of users and gain brand recognition.

As we continue into 2020, changes in social media marketing are taking place. Having a social media presence is a must, but everyone faces challenges in constructing the perfect message.

Depending upon your audience demographics, product line, and the desired outcome, it is possible to develop a simple and precise message. This is important because Internet users are looking for any new tool to help them browse the worldwide web faster. (Guides even exist to help users read long blog posts quickly!)

What does this mean for your social media strategy?

You must focus on brevity.

Social media marketing has to adjust to our shorter-than-ever attention span.

A great example of a site that adjusts to the tendencies of scrolling and browsing is Pinterest. This social media site differs from others because it is organized and image-oriented, allowing followers to easily browse through content and clip out what they don’t want to see.

Pinterest is growing faster than Facebook, and this is probably why!

How do you capture your audience’s attention? What social media site do you feel captures and holds an audience’s attention best? We want to know! Leave your comments below.

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