What We Can Learn from Food Truck Case Studies

If you’re looking for ways to increase your web traffic, your social media following, or simply want to study successful social media case studies, look no further than the food truck craze!

After all, “Innovation without imitation is a complete waste of time.” Mike Rowe seems to be on with this quote because using other successful case studies in social media can be the key to innovating a social media strategy that works for your business or organization.

The five social media case studies in the food truck world merit close attention. Take a look at these examples before developing a social media campaign of your own. What can you learn? What strengths could you adapt for your organization?

The phrase that stands out in my mind when I think of creating social media tactics, is that for the food truck industry, “it just works.” That sentiment was reiterated in the statement that social media is literally “fueling the food truck phenomenon.” But what has to be true in order for your social media program to reach the “it just works” level?

Let me ask you this in relation to making social media click for your business:

  • Are you making your business, services, or products more accessible to your audience through social media?
  • Are you fostering a cultivating community through social media?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. What key elements can you take from the food truck industry to improve your social media and ultimately achieve a great level of relation and community?

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