Uncovering What an SEO Consultant Actually Does

I have spoken to so many people in the Austin advertising community who just don’t understand what SEO is.  Some don’t even know what the SEO initials mean.  SEO just stands for “search engine optimization,” and this means that it is techniques, strategies, and tactics that are specifically used to increase the number of visitors to a particular website by obtaining a very high ranking of the search results page of a websites search engine.  In this process, there have to be individuals who are the ones making this happen, and these people are called Austin SEO consultants, and they have a critical job to do.  Their job is one of the most important ones when it comes to working online and on websites.  Their job is what keeps specific sites such as Google, social media, mobile search, and ongoing search engine updates, running and active.  Without SEO Consultants, the worldwide web would not be what it is today.

SEO Consultant Jobs in Austin

austin seo infoSo, if you are wondering what it is that an SEO Austin consultant does their job, then you are looking in the right place.  Their primary goal is to create a better content experience for the users who are using these websites online.  In their job description, there are several different types of complicated actions that they must take to accomplish this goal . They include an extensive tactical and strategic skills that converge everything into a bigger picture. The way to do this is to develop a very high level of thinking and a high level of actions due to the websites that include social media, Google, and the many other search engine tools that can be found online.

SEO Consultant Responsibilities

There is a broad dynamic spectrum of marketing disciplines that are now covered from the responsibilities and the job descriptions that SEO experts are in charge of.  All of this has remained constant over all of this time, and it needs to be continued to achieve a high ranking for search engines.  It also has lasting results, improve the conversion rates, and discovering more content, and continuing with this to increase the competition.  There are many examples of the new terminology that are entering into the job description of an SEO consultant and these include:

  • – Big Data
  • – Cloud Computing
  • – App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • – Marketing Automation
  • – Conversion Rate Optimization
  • – Mobile Advertising
  • – User Experience
  • – Knowledge Graph
  • – Buy Buttons
  • – Messaging Apps

There is so many more lingo words that are associated with SEO consultants and their jobs, and what it is that they do every day in the internet world.

Tasks Of An SEO Consultant

Those who are familiar with what it is that SEO experts do on a daily basis, understand just how much work it is that they put their effort into.  They have numerous tasks that that rely on their efforts to get accomplished, and without their dedication to these specific items, then our web wouldn’t be able to run and function that way that it does.  They have many duties such as offering the best advice that they can to their customers on whether it would be to their benefit to try and improve their existing website, or if it is better to start fresh and invest in a brand new website, a website design, or a new domain.  Austin SEO experts should always set realistic expectations, and always treat individuals professionally and with plenty of respect.  An important part of this job is to protect their clients and their customers from any type of security issues, especially before malware can even happen to them.  This means that they should make sure and stay in contact with their clients to help them improve their websites and securities.

Optimizing social media accounts is a very important part of an SEO consultants’ position because it helps to generate the proper flow of traffic to their customers’ websites as well.  To be able to accomplish any of this, it is important for the consultant to use the SEO tools effectively, and to have a general, or an even higher, understanding of HTML, CSS, coding, web design, and web development.  The consultant must know how to diagnose any technical SEO issues and be able to resolve any and all of them, and to improve the user experience on the website.  One of the biggest responsibilities of an SEO consultant, is that they need to understand and keep the SEO budget on track.  There are so many more tasks that these individuals are in charge of, and they are all important to the SEO process.  With so many tasks that they need to accomplish daily, it is safe to say that their job is incredibly important and necessary for the life of websites to continue and remain effectively running.

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What Do SEO Experts Do?

Austin SEO specialists bring in the natural search engine traffic that is needed to keep websites running in the best shape that they can.  They accomplish this by optimizing several digital marketing channels versus the offline marketing techniques.  The examples of these digital marketing channels include:

  • – Blogs
  • – Ongoing advice and adjustments
  • – Publishing useful website content
  • – Earning incoming editorial links
  • – Publishing shareable articles on websites
  • – Directing online traffic
  • – Developing social media content
  • – Using search engine optimization techniques


In conclusion, the job of an SEO consultant is not an easy or quick fix.  It takes a lot of planning, preparing, developing, designing, and a lot of thinking to get their tasks and jobs finished, and at the end of the day, their job is never really finished.  They are the individuals who are keeping the world of social media and search engines continuously running and operating.  They have so many aspects of their jobs to keep on the very top of their lists, and to make sure that websites are always getting the proper flow of traffic.  Their tasks are important to individuals like us, who are constantly using these different types of websites, and without their dedication to their jobs, we wouldn’t be able to use these websites.  When it comes to working online, there isn’t an online job out there that is as difficult and necessary as the work of SEO consultants.

They have so many aspects of their responsibilities to keep on the very top of their lists, and to make sure that websites are always getting the proper flow of traffic.  Their jobs are important to individuals like us, who are constantly using these different types of websites, and without their dedication to their jobs, we wouldn’t be able to use these websites.  When it comes to working online, there isn’t an online job out there that is as difficult and necessary as the work of SEO consultants.

Lessons Learned From The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Since its launch in February, the Smell Like a Man, Man campaign has generated more than 1.4 BILLION impressions for the brand including 130 million video views. The first-of-it’s kind Old Spice social-media response videos generated and unheard of 23 million views in just 36 hours. So what made the campaign so successful and what elements were in place that enabled them to become a viral sensation? Jason Bagley, Creative Director for Old Spice at Wieden + Kennedy, will share lessons learned from this successful campaign.

Jason has been at W + K for over seven years, he was nervous as hell and Jim Riswold did not help matters. The first work Jason ever presented at w + k was promptly stamped with Jim’s STUPID marker.

Breaking down the F.R.I.E.N.D. strategy

Frighten them

Reassure them. Scared people look for leadership

Invent things out of thin air that sound smart

Even if someone makes fun of you…

Never forget the acronym F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Don’t make up last minute acronyms

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Set-UP

A set with Isaiah Mustafa in his towel and shower, a team of Jason and three other writers took turns directing. Nothing was pre-written. Nothing was promoted in advance. Their prop table included money, a fake monocle, fake fish and other artifacts that they suspected would come in handy.

Their process was completely collaborative. One writer would write jokes, the others would review, delete some, build on others.

This advertising effort was more similar to a stage performance than advertising. As the responses came in it was completely exhilarating.

In 2.5 days there were 185 commercials produced. Early on, while they were still writing scripts they were already reading press coverage on the Huffington Post and fielding calls from the Today Show.

Day 1: 5.9 million YouTube views

Day 2: 8 out of the top 11 YouTube videos

Day 3: 20 million views and beyond…the stats keep coming. This level of success was not anticipated however the YouTube response videos were believed to be a great idea.

What Made This Possible?

Two traditional TV commercials with a large media buy made this possible.

The lesson here: Great traditional advertising is interactive. And great interactive advertising is traditional. There were already a number of response videos  to the the television spots. This became interactive because people loved the spots so much. Whether you do traditional or interactive it just has to be great.

The Work Comes First

The future is an integrated future. Whatever mass forms of entertainment we have, whatever the vehicle, there will be collective entertainment sources. There will never be a day when we don’t relish shared cultural experiences such as Lost. The Future Is Everything. Embrace It.

Two years ago Wieden + Kennedy was not on the map for digital. They were known as a great ad agency. Around this time, Dan Wieden made the announcement that w + k WOULD be one of the top digital agencies in the world. They were one of the most awarded agencies at Cannes this year. They are now viewed more and more as a digital agency. How did they make the transition?

The process is the same: the Work Comes First. It’s all about a great idea. The way to judge the work is essentially the same. Great conceptual, traditional creatives only need the desire to become great Interactive creatives. It’s not any harder.

How We Do It (?)

This is a very incomplete list:

1. Determine your strategy and message –The Man began with Manly Body Wash campaign that talked to Women buying lady scented body wash

Hire some nerds. Digital Strategist Dean McBeth aka Robot is amazing, he knows everything or can find it on his computer immediately. He is completely attuned to the Old Spice community. Josh Milrod is another Digital Strategist and interactive producer Ann-Marie Harbour got a custom made application that filtered comments and allowed the Old Spice team to be extremely responsive. The digital team was combing the comments, pulling out the key influencers and moving them to the top of the queue then seeding them to the web.

At w+k their integrated teams include interactive creative director, communication manager, strategic planner, digital strategist, creative director, account director, media director

2. The smaller your budgets, the better your ideas have to be–Example www.residueisevil.com

-You must also leverage free media– Example giving nods to 4chan and other influencers in the guise of anonymous contributors, perez hilton, etc; Dante’s Inferno campaign box came with a hammer and a loud speaker rickrolled them. They had to break through two layers of wood, plastic, to smash the box to find the note that condemned them to a circle of wrath. These were sent to key gaming influencers.

-Leverage controversy and do something newsworthy–Example Mass: We Pray the Video Game a stunt for Dante’s Inferno.

3. Take advantage of existing digital behavior-don’t try to change it. Asking people to change their behavior almost never works. Example: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like was garnering many comments. w + k noticed this and prepared for the social media response videos

4. Keep the conversation going. Example: Alyssa Milano response videos.

5. Be Nimble. Example: Old Spice Tweets are turned around very quickly

6. Experiment. Example: Fail Harder motto embraced by w + k


7. Stay Foolish

Final thoughts: The Future is Canceled. Actually…

Big brands need integrated branding more than they ever have in history. Every Old Spice touchpoint is handled by w + k. The voice is consistent everywhere. It all feels like the quirky Old Spice voice.

Only the agencies that can truly involve all forms of media are the ones that will survive.

Toto, I Don’t Think We’re In Advertising Any More

Ian Cohen and Cal McAllister are the founders of Wexley School For Girls, a Seattle-based creative factory for branding excellence. Their WebCAM presentation is titled Toto, I Don’t Think We’re in Advertising Any More

More about the agency: Wexley School For Girls are no strangers to doing whatever it takes to create fans and money for their clients. Agency capabilities run the gamut including design, packaging, video games, pr-generating ideas, branded entertainment, short films and events. ESPN, Microsoft, Seattle Sounders and Nike are a few of the clients who have benefited from their innovative, multi(un)disciplinary ways.

Wexley history of advertising: It began with smoke signals. People took to the streets > Newspaper > Magazines > Radio  > Television > Internet > Mobile and so it evolves. At Wexley it doesn’t matter what comes next, it’s about ideas that advertise, not advertising ideas.

A little more background: Cal and Ian left bigger agencies and begat Wexley without clients but trusting their focus on ideas would work. Fast forward a few years. Wexley is now 25 people strong with core capabilities in planning, strategy, creative, and production.

Creating a short film  for Nike was a golden ticket to other places for Wexley. This led to work for T-Mobile.

Working with Microsoft began a few years back. Getting listed as an Agency of Record took some time. They reached a milestone when they were finally added to the shipping & receiving list.  They are now the Agency of Record for a few Microsoft internal marketing efforts including their annual conference, the pushpin project and college recruitment.

Copper Mountain Resorts was the first client who approached Wexley asking for an non-traditional idea. Wexley created a movement for a national snow day, seeded the movement using youtube, created a website nationalsnowday.com, where thousands of people signed up to support the cause. Creation of a swingers pass helped Copper Mtn. achieve their desired goal of bringing tourists to destination sites. Twitter campaigns have also targeted their Texan audience with contextual messages.

Seattle Sounders brought Wexley the task of igniting a fan base for a new Major League Soccer team. Wexley created a green scarf that served as a team icon. It later became the ticket to the first Sounders soccer match. Seattle is still breaking MLS attendance records. With over 100k fans, the Seattle Sounders Facebook page is also setting a high standard for professional teams.

Their creative successes come when they are given freedom to focus on ideas informed by their target’s behavior.

Three Wexley considerations:

  • Everything is Advertising
  • Everyone is exhausted including your clients (busy is how it’s going to be)
  • Everything is measurable (keep this mind while developing creative)

More Wexley Words of Wisdom:

First, solve the problem.

Brands, Clients and Campaigns must Live in Authenticity. (Cal points out that this works in relationships too!)

Everything is an Opportunity. Ensuring that every brand interaction counts is exhausting but worth it.

Q + A

What is the agency process?

Ian: An early focus on the client, their goals and their budget is important.

Cal: We started out more like a production company. 92% of business is repeat business. Being truthful + upfront about budget and its ability to accomplish the clients goals is key.

Q: How do you ensure compensation for your wild successes?

Ian: Well we win new business, like the Seahawks (Vulcan)

Cal: Why try different payment/compensation models. We do our best to get paid fair for the work. When it explodes we use those results to get new business. We also have colossal failures. Not too many of them. But it happens.

Q: How did you first get Seattle fans involved in Sounders efforts?

Ian: Engaging the bloggers and fans that were most active and enthused about the Sounders.

Q: What do you have in-house?

Cal: We have a small core staff but with almost every project, we tend to try and find people externally who are excellent producers.

Ian: We’re looking for SEO.

Q: How did you come up with your name?

*Video explains that they are named after an English nunnery devoted to farming cantaloupes.

Further explanation reveals that the name is the result of dumb luck and the phone book.