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Welcome to the Advertising Federation
of Central Oregon.

Quite a mouthful, but that is our proper name. It accurately reflects our ties to the American Advertising Federation, which we are a part of -- but we are neither just about advertising nor do we feel like a Federation. We believe in having too much fun for that. We are not all about meetings, titles or posturing. We’re about connecting and learning in order to elevate the work and creativity that grows brands and businesses.

Advertising Federation of Central Oregon (AdFed CO) members are just about anyone -- business owners and non-profits, copywriters, graphic designers, web programmers and social media experts. If you are striving to learn the latest, best practices in the advertising industry to support your clients or your business, you are one of us. We are community members and freelancers, experts and newbies, and we are better with you.

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The Lonely Life of the Long-Distance Brander

The Running Superfans campaign tells the story of Karl and Carl Underwood, Running’s #1 Superfans, metaphors for the lengths that Brooks will go to support runners and to champion the running experience. Using a carefully orchestrated mix...
10/01/2010 | 0

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